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Phone: (02) 9743 4009
131 cabarita road , cabarita, NSW 2138

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Where is your bakery located in Sydney?

We are located at:

131 Cabarita road , Cabarita Sydney 2138

Phone :02 9743 4009


What Are your opening hours?

Monday     9-12 midday

Tue to Fri  8.30am to 3pm 

Saturday   8.30am to 1PM

Sunday     CLOSED


Are you open all year round?

We close on all public holidays.                                                          




Can you buy cupcakes in your bakery? And are your cakes cooked daily?


LUSHCUPS bakery always has cupcakes under the counter in most of our flavours

Cupcakes are baked each morning.


We are well stocked for those last minute occasions .You can purchase cakes in a number of packages



What size are your cupcakes?


Our regular size cupcakes are:

Approximately 5.5cm in diameter and 5.5cm in height

Our mini size cupcakes are:

Approximately 4cm in diameter and 4cm in height (50c coin)

Our Maxi size cupcakes are:

Approximately 15cm in diameter and 7cm in height and feeds 8 to 10 guests

Our large 9"cake size is:

Approximately 25cm in diameter (Round) and 10cm in height and feeds 25 guests


 Our large 9"cake size is:

Approximately 25cm in diameter (Round) and 10cm in height and feeds 25 guests


Our large 9"cake size is:

Approximately 25cm in diameter (Round) and 10cm in height and feeds 25 guests


What are the prices of your cupcakes?


Please note all prices on the web are inclusive of GST



I forgot to order a cake you have last minute orders?


Yes we do take “last minute” orders.


Please be considerate when placing last minute orders for a Friday , this an extremely busy day and in some cases we may not be able to squeeze your delivery in, it really depends on how many orders we already have booked in for that  day. Try your luck, we will contact you if we can not fulfill your order ASAP


For “last minute” Saturday orders (pick ups only) please have these in by 2.30pm on the Friday.


For “REALLY last minute” You call Saturday morning for a Saturday pick up (only) it depends on the day how we can help you


Be aware that we are under a lot of pressure on Saturday .PLEASE before you call look at what is available for last minute and be clear with what you would like to order..dont call unless you have made up your mind on what you would like.


Can we collect from your bakery?


Yes you can pick up from our bakery:

131 cabarita road , cabarita  NSW Sydney.  We have plenty of parking right out the front of our shop and for those large orders we will assist you to the car and advise the best way to pack your car for safe travelling with the cakes. Bring a towel and clear your boot for larger orders



Do you deliver?


Yes we deliver all over Sydney Monday to Saturday


We cater for “last minute..OOOP’s I forgot to order”In our “same day Deliver section” you can place orders to be delivered on that day however your orders must be in by 10.00am.


These will be delivered during the delivery window see below table:



DELIVER WINDOW for “same day deliveries”

Monday         no deliveries

Tue to Thus   11.30 to 3pm

Friday            11.30am to 5pm 

Saturday       NOT open



For all other deliveries we do these on  


Monday to Saturday we DO NOT give specific delivery times however they will be delivered in the deliver window times below see table:



Monday          no deliveries

Tue to Thus    11.30 to 3pm

Friday             11.30am to 5pm 

Saturday         6.30am and 2pm.



Please note Saturday and weekday deliveries are always heavily booked so we CAN NOT deliver to you BY or BEFORE or AFTER a particular time! We realize that you may have a sleeping baby Or that you may Have sports that you need to attend Or that you may not be home because of other commitments …We are very sorry but if you have organized a delivery for a Saturday or weekday you need to be there to accept the deliver during our delivery window time please make special note that SATURDAY delivery times are from 6am until 2pm

 *If you need them for a particular time we suggest that you have your order delivered the day before.


 *Or come and collect from our bakery .




I want my cakes delivered before 10am can this happen?


Yes it can we suggest you place your order for delivery the day before .Keeping in mind the flavours of the cakes that last longer vanilla sponge may dry out a little (kids Don’t care but adults migh)



Where do you deliver to ?


We deliver all over Sydney to the following places: Residential, office, Hospitals(this may incur an extra charge due to parking $ and finding the rooms at the hospital), schools/Universities, function centers.


How do I take care of my cakes ?


Our cakes are refrigerated after they have been decorated for freshness and travel purposes .For your eating enjoyment allow cakes to come back to room temperature keeping in mind the weather for hotter days Approximately 2 hours and for colder days Approximately 3 to 4 hours


If you received your cake a day before your function  please keep cupcakes and cakes refrigerated (unless advise NOT to by a Lushcups Member)


Then For your eating enjoyment allow cakes to come back to room temperature keeping in mind the weather for hotter days Approximately 2 hours and for colder days Approximately 3 to 5 hours


In some cases you may be taking your cake to a resturaunt or function centre they may offer to put your cake or cupcakes in the cool room or fridge , we do not advise to do this is you will be aeting the cake within four hours after arriving as they will be ROCK hard.. please stick to the following method : For your eating enjoyment allow cakes to come back to room temperature keeping in mind the weather for hotter days Approximately 2 hours and for colder days Approximately 3 to 5 hours



How long do the cakes last for if kept in the fridge? Can I freeze my cakes ?


We do not recommend freezing however we have done test in the bakery and it can be done , only for cupcakes and simple cutting cakes with simple decoration) .So if you HAVE to freeze (which we do not recommend) Then keep them in the cake box and seal well with a plastic bag being careful not to damage the cupcakes or cake, place in the freezer, pull them out a day before you want to eat and leave in the fridge to thaw then pull them out of the fridge to come to room temperature. Only freeze for two days maximum.


Please be aware that we do not recommend freezing... this is just a guide ! And is at your OWN risk!



Can I customize my cakes?


YES,please call 02 9743 4009 to discuss or send an email  INFO@LUSHCUPS.COM.AU of what you are after so we can quote you INCLUDE IMAGES IF YOU CAN please see lushcups cupcakes face book page in our photo gallery for all latest designs that have not yet been up loaded to our website ..LIKE our face book page so you can be updated weekly


I want my cakes delivered before 10am can this happen?


Yes it can we suggest you place your order for delivery the day before .Keeping in mind the flavours of the cakes that last longer vanilla sponge may dry out a little (kids Don’t care but adults might)

Vanilla sponge should be eaten on the same day as they are baked

All other flavours (chocolate mud, caramel mud, and white chocolate mud red velvet etc) can be kept for up to 3 days after baking if kept in the fridge..please follow our care instructions for your best eating enjoyment




Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Lushcups’ Cupcakes. 


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love across the world. Lushcups offers our delicious selection of gourmet cupcakes which are beautifully and artistically decorated to make your Valentine’s Day magical. 


Present for your partner


Tired of the same old flowers and chocolates for your Valentine? Want something different that will really make an impression? Our boxes of regular or mini Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes make the perfect gift to spoil your partner. Our charming decorations will melt your partner’s heart and the taste will be sure to delight. Ladies, if you’re looking for a romantic gesture for your man then there’s no better option than our delicious cupcakes that he’ll love to devour. The way to his heart is through his stomach, after all!


A gift for your mum


It’s always nice to give your mum a little gift on Valentine’s Day so she knows how special she is to you. Nothing says I love you like perfectly decorated and designed gourmet cupcakes. Whether your mum loves her red velvet or is a bit of a chocolate lover, we’ve got the perfect cupcakes for her to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.


Share with your friends


If you’re getting together with your single friends this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day your own way, what would be more perfect to kick of the celebrations than a box of our scrumptious Valentine’s Day cupcakes? Indulge and enjoy from our wide selection of beautiful, hand decorated Valentine’s themed cupcakes. Everyone will love them.


Workplace morning teas


If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day themed morning tea to get the workmates together for some fun, laughs and, of course, to treat yourselves with something delicious. Well, Lushcups’ Valentine’s Day cupcakes are the perfect luxury to bring to the party. They’re easy to share, they look amazing and taste incredible. Your employees will be wishing it was Valentine’s Day every day!


Check out our wonderful Valentine’s Day cupcake creations here and find the perfect cupcakes for your celebrations!  





The Perfect Cake Toppers for Baby’s First Birthday

When a new baby enters your life it comes with many wonderful milestones. From first steps to first solids, every new day becomes an amazing adventure. The biggest first is often that first birthday that seems to come around all too quickly. It’s a day to bring together your loved ones to celebrate this most significant moment.

Organising the party details can be stressful, especially with a one year old on your hip! There’s the food, the theme, the guest list and, of course, the cake. At Lushcups’ gourmet bakery in Sydney, we have scrumptious cakes with an assortment of fun and fantastic cake toppers that will be perfect for your little one’s first birthday cake. 



Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s characters around. Children around the world have been entertained by Peppa Pig for years and if you have a one year old you’ve no doubt had the episodes, and of course the theme song, on repeat many times. Our 3D Peppa Pig cake topper will delight your child and your guests. It’s so cute you won’t want to it eat it!

Pooh Bear

Winnie the Pooh first debuted in print in 1926 and still remains an iconic figure for kids and adults alike. With his favourite pot of honey and that gorgeous pot belly, our Pooh Bear 3D cake topper is sure to delight not just the kids but the grownups too!



Bananas in Pyjamas

The beloved B1 and B2 make up the Bananas in Pyjamas duo and were created right here in Australia. They’re loved by kids all over the nation.  As a parent, you’ve most likely had this fun show with its memorable theme song grace your lounge room on many occasions. Delight your little one with these gorgeous cake toppers that they’ll fall in love with.


So, if you’re trying to find the perfect cake topper for your child’s first birthday, then check out our selection of cake toppers at Lushcups bakery in Sydney. Call today!





The Advantages of Using Pre-Made Cake Toppers

Nothing completes a cake quite like a perfectly crafted cake topper and there are more options than ever to choose from. Artistically designed, they create an amazing wow factor for any cake and can be specifically personalised to the individual or the event.

Easier than doing it yourself

It’s tempting to want to get in there and try to make the cake topper yourself, after all, how hard can it be? Well, you’d be surprised at just how much artistic precision and skill is required to create a cake topper from icing. If you’re keen to make your mark on the cake, then why not bake the base and then look into purchasing the perfect cake topper separately? Lushcups’ gourmet bakery has an array of cake toppers to choose from or we can custom design to suit your needs.

Personalise the cake

The succulent cakes from our Lushcups bakery in Sydney will thrill your guests at any event or celebration. Each is handmade and delicately decorated to ensure you’ll be captivated by the taste as well as the appearance. Once you’ve selected your flavour, why not include a cake topper that will fit perfectly with the personality of the cakes recipient or that will capture the essence of the evening or event?

Looks fantastic

All of our cake creations are always show stoppers at any celebration. However, there’s always something about a perfectly individualised cake topper in 3D glory to really create a wow factor! Your guests will always remember the magnificent cake with that impeccable cake topper that fit the recipient so well. Choose your child’s favourite character, something held dear by your loved one or even personalise a wedding topper to resemble the couple.

At Lushcups’ gourmet bakery in Sydney, all of our cake toppers are brilliantly created from icing and completely edible. Purchase with a cake or without and personalise your cake topper perfectly to your event or celebration. Make a memorable impact that’s delicious to devour. Contact Lushcups today to order.


Sweet Ideas to Impress Your Valentine This Year

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when you can let your partner know just how much you love and appreciate them. We say the words all the time but this day provides us with an outlet to really show it with our actions. Here’s some simple romantic tips to amaze your partner this Valentine’s Day.

1.       A Valentine’s Day card

It’s the tradition that’s lasted for years but it should not be downgraded as it can be one of the most intimate and loving gestures possible. Putting your own personal message into a card, or even attempting a poem, is something that can be cherished for the rest of your lives.

2.       Beautiful Flowers

The dark red rose has always been a symbol of love and the giving of such roses is steeped in Valentine’s Day tradition. Whether it’s a striking bouquet, or a stunning single long stem rose, the red rose is always an exquisite option.


3.       Valentine’s Cupcakes

Cupcakes have soared in popularity and they truly are the perfect way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day. If you’re located around Sydney, our Lushcups Bakery has an assortment of cupcakes that come with a choice of mouth-watering flavours, delectable frostings and delightful ‘love’ themed decorations to share with your sweetheart.


4.       Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner is the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day as it allows you to truly romance your partner. Fine dining at a restaurant, a meal overlooking the ocean or mountains or even just a candlelit dinner at home can create the perfect intimate and warm atmosphere.


Make your Valentine’s Day memorable and view our superb selection of Lushcups spectacular Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes. We have the finest tasting cupcakes with the most enticingly frostings and designs that will guarantee to impress your Valentine. Order here.



The Latest Trends in Easter Cupcakes


When we think of Easter, our attention has often been to purchase the famous chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. But when it comes to desserts, afternoon tea or simply having something a little more special to share, why not purchase some delicious, gourmet cupcakes from the talented cake makers atLushcups?


Lushcups cater to every seasonal event you can think of. So, if you’re on the hunt for some yummy cupcakes in Sydney this Easter, check out some of our beautiful, hand-decorated treats on offer:


Pastel Bunny Ear Cupcakes


12 regular sized cupcakes, each decorated with a buttercream swirl, topped with a brightly coloured pastel bunny and flower. Always a crowd pleaser. Click here to order.  


Freckles with Easter Bunny Cupcakes


Who doesn’t love chocolate freckles and sprinkles? 12 regular cupcakes, alternating between a freckle and blue sprinkles, or a white fondant bunny with a blue flower, the variety and bright colours are loved by children and adults a-like. Click here to order.


Easter Egg Image Cupcakes


24 mini cupcakes, alternating between a printed, edible image of a brightly coloured Easter egg, or a beautiful bright flower. Classic and elegant. Click here to order.


Easter Parade Cupcakes


Something that ‘screams’ colourful and fun! 24 mini cupcakes, decorated with alternating bright colours of buttercream and a beautiful contrasting coloured flower on top. Click here to order.  


Bunny White Cake


If a cake is more your style, this mouth-watering, 3 layered cake is sure to please. Covered in white fondant and decorated with an array of brightly coloured flowers, wrapped with a cute bow and topped with an impressive 3D bunny.  Click here to order.


This isn’t all we have to offer. Visit our entire Easter range of luxury cupcakes and cakes by clicking here. When it comes to ordering cupcakes in Sydney, Lushcups has got you covered. Contact us today!