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Phone: (02) 9743 4009
Shop 6, 405 Concord Road
Concord West, NSW 2138

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           W E L C O M E     G U E S T S 

We are closed for a short break from the 1st to 9th of october

if you accidently place an order online for this time we will refund

you withnin 48 hours 


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click catagory to  V E I W     A N D     O R D E R    O N L I N E

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                                        Online Gourmet Cakes :: Custom Cakes In Sydney                              

                   Lushcups is Sydney's best boutqiue cupcake and cake bakery. Our customers love our cupcakes & cakes, our ability to meet last minute deadlines on orders, and the ease of ordering cakes online through our website. Our sweets also make great gift ideas! Satisfy a friend's sweet tooth for their next birthday with a delicious variety of baked goods. Our delicious cupcakes have been used as centrepieces for a special lunch or dinner and always looks amazing. View through our selection of yummy cakes using the navigation to the left. Buy online or contact us   for a custom order today                              


B A K E R Y    H O U R S


Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3pm 

Saturday 9.30am to 1pm

(last cupcake & cake pickups for orders FOR SATURDAY 12.30pm) 


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