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Phone: (02) 9743 4009
Shop 6, 405 Concord Road
Concord West, NSW 2138

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24 mini aussie aussie OY OY cupcakes


 of  - 

delivery window
 Pick up window
Order must be in by






11.30am to 3pm


 9am to 2.30pm


10.30am/ for same day delivery

11.30am to 5pm
 9am to 2.30pm


10.30am/ for same day delivery

6am to 2.30pm
 9.30am to 12.30pm


10.30am FRIDAY for Saturday delivery

*see below

pls call and check: in some cases 

depending on the cake it may not

be possible 


** please note all products are made to order/

hand made in our Concord West Bakery... 

There may be Minor Variations from the image

to what you pickup or have delivered. '






**Last orders taken for this product is on the Friday 24th january 2014 by 3.30pm


When ordering on a  Friday for last minute Saturday deliveries or pickups please have these in by 11am on the friday , in some cases we may not be able to sqeeeze your delivery in, it depends on how many orders we already have booked in  for that Saturdayand if it is REALLY last minute eg : you call sat morning for a sat pick up (only) that it depends on the day how we can help you ...

box of 24 mini 1 flavour per box - choose your flavour keeping in mind that the cases are white and the colour of the cake will show through (eg: chocolate will show brown.)

  • THE FLOWERS sometimes may vary from the pictures however will always match the colour
  • all cupcakes plain (either sprinkles or flowers or both) THE FLOWERS sometimes may vary from the pictures however will always match the colour.
  • Packaging comes in a red lushcups box, tissue paper/ribbon come in red, black and french vanilla (Note: ribbon will be chosen to match back to your cupcakes*)





When ordering for Sunday, be aware that the Vanilla will tend to dry out as we do not use preservatives in our mixtures. We suggest sticking to the mud flavours.


If you are wanting cakes earlier than our 10am delivery time we suggest placing your order the day before (keeping in mind vanilla will tend to dry out a little).


There may be a colour variation on the frosting to what you are viewing on your computer screen.

The design/colour of the cupcake/cakes will remain the same as picture regardless of base flavour.


if you require nut free vanilla sponge is the best option :


ingredients for vanilla sponge :eggs,caster sugar,butter,full cream milk,vanilla essence and self raising flour

mud cakes contain :self raising flour,plain flour,cocoa,caster sugar ,brown sugar,icing sugar,butter,full cream milk,eggs,golden syrup,white chocolate,dark chocolate


cupcake toppers:please note that topper may contain egg whiteand should not be consumed by anyone with allergies of any kind (egg,peanut,seeds etc)



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